10.) "Still Here" by B-LoW. **Reflective** **WITH LYRICS**. My story growing up in the game, hoping someone can relate and feel the message of making it thru your situation, but you're still here. Grateful to be alive. Peace & Love FREE INSTRUMENTAL/REMIX IS FULL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF: Tune Seeker - Beats (of YouTube) THANK YOU FOR THE BEAT!! (Extended) (ALL LYRICS FULL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF B LOW ENT.) BUMP N YO CAR !!!!!!!

(LYRICS): Hundreds homies in the hood with me, only me and p were white, how could I hate on someone 4 being black when me and my boy Yoshi so tight? Someone fucked with us, we charge them on sight, me and my boys, it’s all good- it’s alright. Both black and white, racism socially taught, never had a fright. Feeling fully secure in the hood racism superficial and immature, rolling blunts drinking in the streets, no cop dared fuck with us cos we too street. When I was chill’n with a crip and tons bloods, I’m like “what the fuck is this shit?” Taught me about semis like Call of Duty, I’ll never miss, showed me love, connect preference, same as all those homies. That was the preface so let me tell you my story. I stole a 20 dollar bill out my Daddy’s drawer.. Give me a year to hustle and it was fucking war. Sold a few ounces, in the hood every other day cos we need more. Watch my power soar as a damn young kid. Never got robbed, never got my ass kicked, full of salacious sin. Didn’t give a fuck, girls everywhere on me. In hindsight shit doesn’t matter unless a girl loves me. Turned a 20 to a dub, a dub to a forty, only 14 years old dear lordy need more for me. Began so innocent, then we had a full blown clique, attack you if you disrespect us, we didn’t give a shit. Flipped a 40 into a quarter, into morer sold it broke it down, now I’m more richer than beforer. Break the grams down 20 a g, ripping off the freshmen that don’t know shit about weed, but with the prices I had I felt like I was a thief. Mexican connect but that shit wasn’t schwag, at least at the time it felt like that before my tolerance began to fade. Little boy 15 years old rapping and selling. Girls happening to be with me after all their friend they be tellin. I was the king absolutely nothing can stop me. After I bought my first ounce nothing could top me, designs on the baggies hit me up you know where to find me, freestyling at work thinking someone’s gonna sign me. Picture of Tupac on my wall so I knew no one would fuck with me my role model was strong poster gave better luck for me 13 years later my girl bought me a Tupac shirt. Feeling invincible listening to “Hit Em Up” like nothing can hurt me, turned an ounce I got for 130 to 500 cash. Whenever we got paid we blazed like a nuclear blast. Stack of cash in my drawer, Mommy doesn’t ask what I use it for. I blew up big everyone was hitting up me, by 16 I had 2k cash in my drawer and a p. My school despised me, my peers, no lie g, loved me like I was the most popular homie even if they don’t know me, smoke’n up my clients act like they friends, but I really want the cash and it’s all pretend. Never heard a peep from the whole crew when driving back to the burbs with a p, god damn I be straight balling hustlin young as fuck 16. 9 homies somehow fit in my room didn’t dare act mean. It became unfair when I had my acid connect, arrived to the scene, bought a bible broke it down to 20 a hit. Obscene. How the fuck am I making money like this so easily? Ya want LSD you can only go thru me g’s. Dose man, dose man coming to the theater near you please, under my tongue now, gone psychotic dosing everyday didn’t know shit what to do or say. Adding g’s to my stash like I got something to prove, its play. I couldn’t lose. Threatening me be tellin’ me, too big breed jealousy. Big name, big news, now making big money can afford buy me new shoes n shit all that trap and blast, driving real fast. Better car than that. Different destinations, different places, so much hustling history I’ve been thru. Whenever we had the chance we tripped our balls off on mushrooms, never moody, skipping school to smoke blunts and play COD. Separate my smoking stash from my selling, impossible to lose, me, I choose these money making tactics learned from Biggie and Pac too. Making money everyday endlessly phone ringing every minute, gimme the loot. Even on weekdays during the day, my connect had no limits. In the hood every other day felt right at home, bumpin’ “High Til’ I Die” by Tupac, “Blaze It” by Bone. Fully accepted by an army of homies in the hood, they all understood we were with D and never would… Fuck with us, we were all brothers, no one gave a fuck if we were white. 10 blunts a day passed out high as a kite. Puff puff pass heard that word so many fucking times, no lie. I’m only selling only one reason why I buy. it's crazy how time goes by and I’m still here. Still push’n my limits, smoking my cannabis, making use of every minute, negativity diminished, trying to keep it real, sleep with pounds of pot, it’s like I steal. Getem so cheap- shit- I grow it myself. Without it it’s hell and no one dared to tell. Like a king I exploded, rollin’ cokin’ for months, found dope said just wanted to snort it just once, to try it, he said you get more bang for your buck if you shoot it up. I couldn’t buy it, blew thousands on dope for 2 years. Used to sneak in the bathroom to bang it up without fear, never worried about dying my shit was pure. No one was dying at the time, but shit got laced as time went near. Escaped it cashless then built an empire, built stashes. Money can’t buy happiness is true, think of the shit a homies been thru. And I’m right where I need to be, you know why? Because I’m alive and I survived. I’m still here, I made it out of the game but I’m still here. I made it out of the game but I’m still here.

11.) "You Die First" by B-LoW The Don. Inspired by Tupac's "No More Pain" by Tupac. & philosophy that peace is ALWAYS the answer. Except in self defense. RIP PAC !FREE INSTRUMENTAL/REMIX IS FULL INTELLECTUAL CREDIT OF: StaticMajorIMDotCom (of YouTube) THANK YOU FOR THE BEAT!! (Extended) (ALL LYRICS FULL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF B LOW ENT.) FULL CREDIT: No More Pain Artist 2Pac Album All Eyez On Me Licensed to YouTube by Entertainment One U.S., LP (on behalf of eOne Music); UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, Sony ATV Publishing, LatinAutorPerf, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., LatinAutor - UMPG, CMRRA, SOLAR Music Rights Management, UMPG Publishing, UMPI, and 12 Music Rights Societies Licensed to YouTube by Foundation Media, LLC (on behalf of Five Star Empire); BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., Sony ATV Publishing, Concord Music Publishing

Haven’t you ever asked yourself what a mothafucka could do to you? Fuck this shit kill all y’all, you’re done, no more questions we’re thru. Crossed a line, about to die, you can’t see this from my point of view. Lots of guns mount’n chopp’n stay shott’n, not much shit you can do. You think I lie? Army of homies- guns I buy. How’d I get this endless supply of cash? Secrecy above all else. Shit, I ain’t rich, I can’t buy a private island- but I got enough money to make your whole family cry’n’., bitches dyin’ cos fakers lyin’ pretend to be real but bullets fly’n, deep penetration as they run’n and tryin’. This bud bomb, I’m fry’n, at B-Low nation. You see, I have no remorse for self defense- no room for contemplations.. Chopp’n guns, so feel no feelings.. Shot dead now so church they kneeling, lava hot so no breathing death accelerates you on the ground, so I celebrate you be incinerated, out of town because we made you incapacitated, now get disintegrated, your administrative homies heard the news, you underestimated a suburban homi who’s affiliated so get obliterated, condition? No further evaluated, ashes have no pulse, no soul to be rehabilitated, crime scene contaminated. Yo boy not lookin’ very animated-- at all. You wanted B-LoW? You get a star for having participated. See? I know people in high places, some good, some bad. Teaching you my war stories musically, this the undergrad. Ones in my team stocked so give me a car to drive fast, turned his money into gold so his ass ain’t last. The measures I go to collect this cash… We wouldn’t want to hurt you unless you start shit. The hit on you so they say ignorance is bliss. Watch your back, watch the left, watch your right, first I use my fists, disrespect mortally, leave you ass in a ditch. He wanted career advice so I made sure he quit. Blowing my smoke rings before leaving the scene. Yo boys have no hope. Only the strong shall survive, wounds deeply, meekly, smokin’ dope while they die, cry while they eternally sleep, not a peep as yo boy was count’n sheep, where you think I get this from? Bitch this from the fuckin streets. Gimme a neat beat and I’ll lacerate your feet, steal you cleats, figuratively. But I be aim’n domes deliberately. First degree, because I only had one thing in mind-- run mothafucka!! Cos you gonna die!!! I won’t try, there is only do— shit-- even Yoda from Star Wars giving me ideas how to shoot! [Chorus: Fuck with us? It’s gona hurt, can’t be beat, I won’t miss, I kill first. Want beef? Put his ass in the dirt, we fight dirty, I know death hurts. Fuck with us? It’s gona hurt, can’t be beat, I won’t miss, I kill first.] We watching your every move from home like Google Chrome. Boyfriend’s a skeleton, now, cop tried to calm her.. But ate all his cash, nothing left so call me Jeffrey Dauhmer. Face down, he gone now, he was the talk of the town. A chamber never discovered, all they found was a tongue, so he couldn’t tell if he was recovered. Decked out listening to my jams, count’n cash imagining my plans, said he was going thru a tough time, I said I understand. Blew his fingers off, asked him if he needed a hand. Going in for the setup, shot him eating a burger, blood wouldn’t let up. Last thing he did was reach for a napkin because he thought it was ketchup. Bullets never graze’n trigga finga patient, this B-LoW nation, B-LoW station. Give you street education, criminal with these words, government wants B-LoW eradication, B-LoW nothin’ phase him, they praise him, appraise him, priceless, write this down on a paper listenin’ ma beat, create a monsta, listen to this now, listen to this later. Sneaky like an alligator, the odds in my favor, so boy, correct your behavior, if you disrespect, I make bangers. My content I’m stress’n so there’ll be no second guessing, if I forgot to mention, bullets defection, vest strong only over a section, the ammo get checkin’, never get slayed, bullets astray, estranged, bullets incessant, missing body depressin’. Never want an innocent man to be death of it, I’m ash’n my cannabis on yo ass or what’s left of it. Rather use fists than shoot, he wanted to smoke bud now soot, he was hungry, so got chewed, any homies left? Very few. So make it clear, we are not on the list to fuck with. Caravan of homies, all strapped, we can’t miss. This ain’t a diss, this that real shit, my life history complicated a bit, I’m permatripped, lil interesting, toting guns n shit. They call me B-LoW because of my clique but now call me B-LoW The Don-- because I’m making the hits.

*Disclaimer: The violence portrayed in this music is designed to lessen violence by having a cathartic outlet for anger. The goal is to ease anger thru art-- & lessen violence- not glorify it. THE WORLD NEEDS THIS SONG TO UNDERSTAND AND DEVELOP EMPATHY FOR THE MINDSET OF THOSE WHO ARE SO ALIENATED AND DEPRESSED FROM BEING REJECTED THAT THEY BECOME DESTRUCTIVELY WRATHFUL. HOW HEARTBREAK/REJECTION= SADNESS = WRATH = VIOLENCE. : ***SONG MEANING:*** *( STRICTLY METAPHORICAL, SYMBOLIC, NOT LITERAL. MAN INVADES ENEMY TERRITORY OUT OF RAGE TRIGGERED REJECTION AND KILLS ENEMIES KNOWING HE'LL DIE BY ENEMY FIRE. "ON THE BATTLEFIELD, I'LL TAKE DOWN A 100 BEFORE ME". IT'S SYMBOLIC NOT LITERAL. IN NO WAY ARE THE SHOTS DIRECTED TO A *WOMAN* shots are *strictly* directed to an enemy who threatened the protagonist's life from the past. The point is he wouldn't normally do it, but rejection made him snap.))** (Song meaning:) "Seal the deal" meaning = ensure he goes to hell by killing enemy [who threatened his life in the past.] (what shots directed to.)

What the fuck is this shit? My girl throwing a fuckin fit. Breaking up virtually, boys threaten me, they should know I won’t miss. Never again will we share our kiss… My world’s crumbling before me.. My girl’s numbing me, ignoring me.. Immune to the pain, because I felt it so many times. Not afraid of this any longer, I’m ready to die! I’ve done enough shit! It’s never enough! Might as well pack it up, so many projects incomplete, they’ll die with me. My heart obsolete, please! I just want peace. [none] so I’ll just fuck shit up take the world down with me, I’ve had enough. Not enough happiness, too much roughness, in my life. Look at how I walk all mean and tough. I’m out of love… So kill you after ripping the bong. Hit ya if you look at me wrong. Wouldn’t normally want to hurt you, disrespect shoot you solely by virtue. No, I don’t give a fuck, I’ve had enough. World’s not done shit for me, fuck it time to fuck it up. Don’t care about anyone else, fuck it, why should I? What has anyone ever done for me? Everyone attacks me, no one even loves me. Realizing this so eerily, and fearlessly, I’m beyond belief. Girl keeps breaking up with me- faith always leads to nothing. Putting my heart in a vice, not even kind, or nice, or nurturing. What I need- perfect girl- not real.. Just a dream. Boys talking some shit, from a decade ago.. Beat you to the ground, I don’t give a damn, he doesn’t even know the wrath of a true monster. No one ever heard a sound, I’m all alone, I’m just a ghost, no one can even know.. The anguish in a human’s heart, speechless in my soul, needing a new start. I’m feeling old, always doing what I’m told.. Fuck that I create my own rules now, dangerously bold.. But it’s over, far too gone, I’ll be dead by the end of this song. No one will miss me, no girl to kiss me. I’m beyond fear of death, grim reaper provides bliss for me, cos this world be chippin’ me, this girl be trickin’ me, she’ll never be missing me, these pounds be flipping thee-- but I don’t feel like smoking weed-- or sippin’ the hennesy.. Just fucking kill me… On the battlefield… I’ll take down 100 before you take down me. I’m beyond helping, no one understands me, or can, it’s impossible for me to heal, because I don’t deserve how I feel. Just know, from me to you, hell is real. I’ve been there, I don’t care, I’m not scared. Hell already here, the end is near. She never felt empathy, for any of his tears. Brave now, no never fear, you fear.. Oh my dear, see the demon you made me? Friends stay away from me, blocked everyone out who disrespects, so pray for me. Too much pain in me, from cumulative rejection, it’s like pain was her intention. Girls don’t fuck with me now, cos I’m fucking crazy. Guns don’t phase me, keeping it hazy, so I feel fine. But fuck it I don’t feel like smoking this time, cos I’m about to die. [This world rejects me, friends disrespect me, I’m alone, hell is real! No one knows the pain a demon feels. I have no remorse for a life, I once adored. How could the world be so cruel? I wanted a stable life with a loving wife, now I’m drowning in this pool of my own angst… Before I break something, or do something wrong, or something I’m about to say--- please!! Lord!! Make the pain go away!!] I don’t know why this world can be so cruel, played into being hurt so gravely, I feel like a fool… Like that’s exactly how the world wants me to be. Be in pain.. No one can save me, because no one loves me, just non-stop hate. Nothing new, I need a new place to be, a different galaxy. Generated revenue, but here’s the issue, I no longer give a fuck cos no one else does. Just forgotten, remembering what I was, nothing. Who am I? I’m nothing. But, now out to prove something, with my fully automatic sub, killing all you haters just from lack of love! Mow you all down indiscriminately, I don’t give a fuck g, believe me! Because no one’s ever done shit for me! I’m trying to stay positive, but rejection is causative, to this angst and violence… Filled with hate, from her lips, I can’t escape, I’m done, I’m not gonna live or wait.. No more patience, I hate this, I’m tuning my station.. I need to escape this, time to leave this planet. All its done, is fuck me. I try to be a man about it, ran out of love, my heart bleeds. I wish I had that one person who loved me, but I realize that that girl is an illusion, delusional searching for a solution. But not reasonable, not thinking straight. Stay away from being violent, but now it’s time to be dominant. A girl will never love me like I thought, my curse is fate. I repel people away. Meeting me is a mistake, because it’ll all go down in flames. Just stay the fuck away, for the world controlling me, time to control it. No one ever truly knowing me, time to fuck it up. I don’t give a shit, the semi in the glove box, the shotgun in the trunk, want to die, no more love. so I’m on the hunt. Girl I thought, loved me, only just fucked me! I lose every turn. I’ll never find her, all my relationships burn, I don’t mind her, I accept, I’ll never hide. But now it’s time to say goodbye, because I’ve had enough! So I’m ready to die! Fuck me over here, fuck me over there.. Friends say they there for me but truly don’t care. I got the glock, the sub, the semi, driving, smoking a dub. Can I do this all alone? No, it’s over, she doesn’t love me, the world fucks me over. Out of hope, don’t know what to do- kill everyone who fucked with me like I got something to prove!! Fuck it, this time I’m going to unload, fully auto but that shit fits in a pocket, my bullets like rockets. I didn’t want to disrupt your territory now I’m invading your turf, just me, no crew. Jacket covering my guns, fuck’n know exactly what to do, safety off so feeling safe. Permanently blast you in exchange for your unjustified hate. I’ve had enough hate, I’m at a breaking point. Fed up with this shit, its fate I’m holding you at gunpoint, [enemy] much too late for any amends, I can’t keep any fucking friends. I’m sorry it ended like this. But I can’t pretend, I’d rather die than mend something forever broken. I’m hopeless. Say your last wishes, eat your last meal. Gun down the throat, so forever cease to feel. The hate, overwhelms me, and I know how to do the unthinkable- to seal the deal- the pain becomes hatred, THE HATRED FEELS TOO REAL! I’M BURNING ALIVE BUT ALL I WANTED WAS TO FEEL LOVE SO I CAN HEAL [enemy deceased]

13.) "One Human Race" by B-LoW The Don. Inspired by Tupac's "Changes". And my belief in healing humanity and uniting with sharing unconditional love simply for being human. Instrumental credit: Beat Kosong. (I own license to this beat)

(LYRICS): LET’S DO SOMETHING WE’VE NEVER DONE BEFORE! ALL RACES, ALL BELIEFS- NO HATE NO MORE! SOMETIMES IT FEELS LIKE THE WHOLE WORLD HATIN’- WE JUST NEED FAITH AND PATIENCE. NOTHING CAN REPLACE A TRUE LOVE TO A BROTHER OR SISTER- IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO CREATE A WORLD WHERE WE TREAT EACH OTHER LIKE FAMILY, NO AMINOSITY- WHEN WE DEBATE, SO MUCH POTENTIAL TO BE GREAT. COME TOGETHER- EVERYONE- UNLOCK OUR FATE. Brothers and sisters completely misunderstand each other temporarily, fundamentally, resulting in they’re goodbyes permanently, think’n they’re communicating, both no idea why they be doing the things they doing, the things they saying. Let me tell you-- this world we must be praying!!! We’re all suffering, from rejection or wrath, cos no texting back is like no replies as you walk by, only response is to hate, fear, or cry. Sometimes it seems like the whole world losing its mind! We all need a brother and sister, what we all have in common? We’re all gonna live and die, on this planet. Can anyone explain to me why we leave people in alienation, isolation? For others- leaving them in despair, pain, and grief- for simply having a difference of belief. No one cares, do we not understand how the loneliness, is so damaging? [Cease the misinformation and misinterpretations, let’s make a new start, today, let’s learn to love each other-- no matter who you are!! *** Anyone running away from the truth, making excuses, but it’s a form of hate- in the afterworld all truth will be revealed and set straight. People with PTSD from how strong cheating caused the pain to be, yet betrayal still live on as if it’s normal. Living a lie, can’t look at themselves in the eye-- in the mirror, truth looking back at them in the sky. Plus the media brainwashes alcohol commercials-- like they want us all to die! Or get sick! Or get killed! Taking too many pills, running up the hospital bill! Drug companies turn a penny to a hundred, at the expense of your sisters and grandmothers. We have enough to share with each other, so see me as your brother, who you love like family. Hate and division equals insanity, why are you mad at me? You’re a brother, you’re a sister- I love him, I love her; simply for being human- and that’s how it should be- we’re one of a another, of the same great great great great grandmother. If we recognize our common humanity, realize we’re equals and friends, our potential, together, has no end. As we work together with full intent, we have to have honest discussions and serve as peaceful diplomats--but your own family hates you just being a republican or democrat! We’ll never see each other again who we love because a different political belief. So wrong and absurd I can’t even believe, people leaving each other’s lives indefinitely that they love, I’m screaming we are one- don’t you see? Most people born into their beliefs from their family, if you hate me for my belief, you’re hating on me for being me; so let’s create healthy communication and unity, when text and government so impersonal, let’s build a new terminal. A new bridge, together, talk to me, like a brother, as a sister, side-by-side- traveling through passages- rendering this a better place to live, forever! Let’s evolve as human-beings together. End the violence, make it a thing of the past, entire groups of people stereotyped and miscast; creating division, disunion, confusion, when it’s all an illusion. most cops are good people. But like in any profession human nature reveals its evil. Say’n don’t resist, while your frozen still, thinking life is thru, saying don’t resist. [don’t resist but you ain’t doin’ shit] Saying don’t resist, unwanted touch, while they beat you ass in handcuffs. Nothing you can do, cry, but say “FUCK YOUR FEELINGS!” for just being born differently. What if a brother assisted me? As a homie? And he didn’t even know me? But he knew I was in need, sister and brothers sees our common humanity, and focus on the healing- stop the hateful profanity, it’s insanity- we’re all family! Can’t you see! Do you believe me? The media makin it seem like all white people are racist, when in reality almost none of them be hate’n. A world of peace and unity we’re making, we need patience, to build a relationship of peace and coordination. It's the same place we all live, it’s how it has to be- this is the dream, to simply love each other for being a human being. But maybe one day we’ll get there, but so many people seem like they don’t care; or have given up-- from lack of love. All of us together, like a cousin, and give empowerment- we hate no other for being different- make our humanity dominant. As one, One Human Race. Make no mistake, we are all related, let the hate go no farther, only 100k years ago we shared the same fathers. Exactly the same, the ignorant can never understand, how the unnecessary hate, can cause such immense pain. Sometimes shit always seems the same, like it’s destined to stay this way, so let’s have humility, no life is dispensable, we all deserve peace. Let’s drop the hate- just for tonight- and be grateful for what we have- just for one day, whenever you listen to this song, love any other man as your fam. Imagine our capabilities, if we all loved each other unconditionally- just for being a person, imagine how much less hurtin’- and cursed this world would be worthin’. We’re all deserving of this reality I’m envisioning, all of us working together- as family! To be the best person possible! Together we’re unstoppable! Let’s manifest the most improbable—once we realize together we’re stronger—we’ll accomplish the impossible.

14.) "!5 yr. old freestyle, "It's Only Fair For The Streets" Instrumental credit: Skream.

(LYRICS): You had a smiley faceee-- yes you did!! You had a FUCKING smiley face, mother FUCKER!!!.. [gasp] Bring it! Bring it! It's fuckin B-LoW and ima sing it, so you better stand up. I don't got no fuck'n freezer cups-- bitch I got a cherry cola, if you got a range rova then, you gotta hit the floor. It's my paper cola!!! Fuck that rolla!! I like to smoke weed, but him, you are older, you are geezer, you are skeezer, I'm a fender, he's a render, he's a pretender, Ima taker--- you're a breaker, I'ma maker. Ima make her love this beat, and he's looking at me crazzyyy--- like how the fuck you think that??! [expletive] I thought you was lazy!! [laughter from crew] Jus' cos I get bad grades, in school, and I'm cool, doesn't mean I can't spit- and I'm spittin' every corner of the pool! mthr-fuckuhz think I'm drool? No, I ain't droolin'--- only when I'm SUPER high!! But.. still I'm koolin'. I gotta take a breath cos so is the beat, it's only fair for the streets- that I gotta hush downnnn. [Spoken part: "Wooo! I'm not done yet T Trippin'! (nickname) that's T 'Tripp'n, that's my man T Trippin' !! Yall ready know, everyone knows (indiscernible LSD-induced rant) my man T trippin'- you know who you are, my man, know what I mean? Man in the box. You had a smiley face yes you did. Give it up, give it up. give it down, all around."] [Enter 2nd verse]: You had, a mother fucking smiley face- on your face- when I was baked'caked at Wegmans, I saw you forsaken me. Look into my eyes, there was no replies, like that. What the fuck?! Why is this bitch talking to me?! Aye, no shit, wana bump. Well this bitch, is a bitch, you all should know, she isn't really a bitch-- but to you, she probably is! So call me saint, Ima slay, lotta evil in this world, demons all around us whispering everything, in a swirl, in a twirl, in this world, demonic mystery. You think it in for you... In for me? You wanna get it-- go and get it. Don't be a bitch, don't give me that look, that fuckin look, like I don't know what I'm doing. And if she smiles, fire, file. Then, everyone, give you a kiss. MMMMuah! [crew laughing]

15 yr. old freestyle "Call Me Picasso" By B-LoW The Don.

Instrumental Credit: Skream. (LYRICS):I love everyone so god-damn much, that does mean-- I'ma fuck'n freak when I clutch. Just wanna feel like I'm real, wanna feel like you're real. Don't want to peel, like a fuckin potato, from Idaho, ate a ho- so ima slay yo, I'ma playdough, I'm play'n this, make it to what I want to be-- call me Picasso, call me a model, call me rappo, el me rato. What Obama becomes when I call him the Dalai Lama, call me Bahama mama- when we smoke'n every flavor-- and my mama, she's downstairs... She don't care!!! Cos, I always act fine and I keep them good grades-- ayyyee!!! But don't look at me with that fuckin frowny face, you look at me one more time I'ma fuckin erase, all that space--- off you fuckin nose, start from ya nose to yo eyeball. Look at me wrong and I'll throw that shit to the the side--- whoaaaa! [Unnerved laugh from homie number 1]


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